The things a Purple Sunbird has to do to get a Lady

I’ve been watching this courting pair of Purple sunbirds over Spring in Delhi. Here’s the male with his bright red and gold shoulder patches, which he eventually dropped.

This image is from March 10. Notice the bright, unmissable embellishments!


On March 23, the shoulder patches are noticeably less bright:Sunbird Shoulder Patch

Image from earlier today, March 30. The patches seem to be gone.

Sunbird on Semal Mar 30

And that’s because… drumroll.. he’s found his girl! Presenting the female sunbird!


And here’s one last image of the Sunbird singing his heart out:

Sunbird Siris Mar 29.jpg

All photos by Neha Sinha. Please do not use without permission. 

2 thoughts on “The things a Purple Sunbird has to do to get a Lady

  1. Snazzy epaulettes. Lovely pics.

    Best wishes and regards!

    Aasheesh Pittie

    “Quot libros, quam breve tempus.” [So many books, so little time.]

    “Earth is replete with signs I will never be able to read. So be it. I too, want to be a sign that cannot be read, written by the earth itself.” [William Henry Seattle in The lungs of the earth: p. 77.]

    Pittie, A., 2010. Birds in books: three hundred years of South Asian ornithology—a bibliography. India: Permanent Black.  Pp. i–xxi, 1–845.

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