Spring has Sprung

It’s a terrible time for most of us, so here is a floral offering. I’m writing this post just to cheer up everyone.


Spring flowering trees.

OMR F Semal Mar 20

A female Oriental Magpie-robin inspects Semal


Quite the mouthful:

RRP feeding Mar 18
A Rose-ringed parakeet has his fill of Semal


And there are bigger birds too:


Ibis portrait J
A young Red-naped Ibis sits on a semal, and yes, occasionally eats from it too!


Then there is the Flame of the forest!


Palash sunbird
A Purple Sunbird on Palash flowers. Don’t the flowers look like licks of flames?


C tit palash study
A Cinerous tit eats Palash


And more from the city. (red is the colour of the season)


Bottle Brush
The heavily flowering, generous Bottle brush tree.


The Tiger’s Claw:


White eye Coral Tree
An Oriental white-eye on a Tiger’s Claw or Indian Coral tree


And then, stars in the trees:


Chamrod clear
The lovely Chamrod, with star-shaped white flowers.


An unusual frame:


Bakain Framed by Bauhinia
Tiny Bakain flowers (the tree looks like a neem, the flowers smell like Talcum powder) framed by violet Bauhinia or Cachnar


And finally: flowers that look like butterflies:





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