Wild and Wilful, my first book, is out!

It’s been a difficult year for India. We are struggling with Covid deaths, recoveries, losses, heartbreaks. I have been Covid patient, Covid caregiver and patient-caregiver too.

But this in year, there has been a personal silver lining – the release of my first book, Wild and Wilful, and readers telling me the book has uplifted them in the worst year for our generation.

With the very first copy of Wild and Wilful!

Wild and Wilful

This is literary nonfiction on 15 iconic Indian species – both cryptic and common, contested and liked: the Tiger, Leopard, Ganges river dolphin, Great Indian bustard, Amur falcon, Rosy starling, White-bellied heron, Elephant, Mugger crocodile, Tiger butterfly, Red Pierrot and Fluffy tit butterflies, Rhesus macaque monkey, King cobra, and Spectacled cobra.
It looks at ethics, culture, biology and administration: the first ever breeding centre for the Great Indian Bustard, the question of culling rhesus monkeys, butterflies in Naxal zones, Himalayan fires and King cobras, dams impacting the White-bellied heron, the wonderful success of Amur falcon conservation. We also meet some remarkable people who live with wildlife, and their wisdoms: Wild and Wilful people. 

In essence, this book is about what the wild can teach us about being human.

Some reviews of the book are here:

‘Wild and Wilful’, a collection of evocative essays, reflects Neha Sinha’s passion and empathy for India’s wildlife and the dichotomy of our relationship with Nature. Her experiences with leopards and mugger crocodiles, and conservationists and bureaucrats bring joy, pathos, and inspiration. Her skill with language is as beautiful as the natural world she writes about. – Janaki Lenin, author of Every Creature Has a Story and My Husband and Other Animals

Neha Sinha is a leopardess with a pen. Nothing merges natural history, observation, politics, and even cultural identity like her writing, which has the rare ability to connect with and move readers of all ages. Her vast experience in environmental policy never fails to reflect in the stories she writes, and actually enriches the story-telling despite ‘policy’ being such a boring word!”– Rohan Chakravarty, cartoonist and founder of Green Humour and author of Bird Business

A 2021 must read. Neha Sinha weaves magic with her pen and heart. Neha’s relationship with the animals is personal, her knowledge rooted in science, her writing powerful and lyrical. – Prerna Singh Bindra, author of The Vanishing

Neha Sinha’s language is one of addiction, of enthusiasm, of trust — for life and in the living. This book reminds us that only a vocabulary of intimacy with the living will save us, and them. – Sumana Roy, author of How I Became a Tree

You can purchase Wild and Wilful here.

Thank you for reading!

Great Indian Bustard by Dhritiman Mukherjee, featured in Wild and Wilful.

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